Ali (timeturner) wrote in pixelette,

Honey & Clover - Ep01

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.
Please comment if took any.
Thank you for visiting:)

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hahaha, holy crap 4 is the best. oh how I am temptedddd...
hee thank you =]

morita is so funny!! XD

hee tempted to make some new icons? ;)


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12 years ago

#4 and #5! I love them! You are the best Ali-chan! =D
=] we love chibi abuse, dont we!! lol
oh these are sweet I'm going to nab all of them! thanks for making awsome icons :O will credit for future use.
I LOVE THEM T_---TTTTTT~~~~~~~ the #4 its the BEST! XD well, i took #2, #3 and #4 :)
i'll credit in the commets if i use, okay?
i didn't resist and also took the #1 and #5 +_+! i already said that them are perfects?-.-

gahhh~~~~ ç_ç
I love 4 can you custom it for me please with the words:"You're shaking me like a british nanny!!" thank you sooo much
Snagging 6 & 7. Will credit.
I love these! Taking 2, 4, 5, and 7. Will credit when used. ^.^
whoa those are awesome :DD i may use 1 8 or 9 later
Those are awesome, I love it.
Yay! New icons!!! That's great!!!!!! *is happy!*
I won't ask for them since I don't know the serie (yet ~_^)
But I love #2, 3, 4 (what does the text means though?), 5, 6 XD, ok I love them all!!!! XDDDDD

Deleted comment

1 & 9. Lovely icons. :)
I can't choose.. T_T I am taking them all, will credit if I use. I think my favorite is number 2. Thanks. ^^
6, 9 please! :D
XD Oh my god. So much icons not enough icon space. XD
Snagged icon #3 will credit when used. ;3
I like the changes you've made to pixelette. It's airy and warm. And hachikuro to boot..hee~

I guess I'll just get in line with dishing out the compliments. Your icons are always so lovely to look at. It's a nice change of pace from the other icons floating around.

I grabbed #4 and 5 to add to my Ali icon collection.^^ If I should use them in the future, I'll definitely credit you.
that's some gooood stuff there. i'm taking 5 and 7, will credit when used. ^^
I'm taking, like, all of these. Honey and Clover is my life. <3 I will credit when I use them at my main journal, herongale.

BTW... came here via sky_dark's journal, because I saw she had several kickass icons made by you. Do you have another icon journal somewhere? Your animations are fantastic and I would like more. If... um... that's not too much trouble.
Oooh, wait. I see now! You have all of your stuff here, just with your journal set up for "one entry back." *slaps forehead*. I'm going to go browsing, and will let you know what I'm taking!
^^ Mmmm. I like. I especially like the steam/fog effect on #8. They're just hilarious! (The ones that are supposed to be.)

(You never know, I might use one someday! I like showing off other's talents ;-)
i was digging for these, i'm glad i found them ^^. i love every one of them. thank you~
Meh! I want more icons from you!!!
morita-love!!! Took...all the morita ones
Taking 4 now, and others for later use. These are awesome! :D
These are so awesome! *__* I love them, and will snag them all for the eye candiness; will credit if I use any. <3
OMG!!!! LOVE 'EM ALL! ♥____________♥ Morita!! :DDD gonna "steal" #s 2, 3, 4, 5 & 9! THANKS!